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Top Australian health tips to survive Australia Day!

Australia Day is a time for celebrating what brings us together as a community and a nation. Also, this Australia Day we want to make sure that you look after yourself in a Madison Healthstyle kind of way too with these top Australian health tips.

To that end we have put together these tips for your from across the whole Madison Healthstyle team of Wellness Directors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Yoga and Pilates teachers and even some of our best loved clients.

If you can make these top Australian health tips and hints a part of your Australia Day celebrations, and then a part of your normal week, you will most likely be healthier for it.

Tip 1: Fresh fibre and Protein first

If you eat breakfast, make sure that you include some fresh fibre and protein, not just load up on carbohydrates! Fresh fibre is fruit and vegetables and protein often comes from eggs, meat sources or alternatives (like these) – link to:

But be warned, the science is far from conclusive on these ‘fake meat alternatives’ (link:

A good breakfast can provide you with energy all day long, improve physical performance and productivity at work.

What you can do: For breakfast choose eggs (protein + fat), a portion of fruit (vitamins + minerals) and (if you need carbohydrates) a portion of whole grain foods like oatmeal, pasta or barley (complex carbohydrates). If you are a vegetarian, then you can opt for cheese instead of eggs.


top Australian health tips 2Tip 2: Get your beauty sleep

Nowadays people are cutting down on their sleep time for all manner of ‘not good enough’ reasons. Scientific studies have proven that a good night’s sleep (8-9 hours for women and 7-8 hours for men) is SUPER BENEFICIAL for your brain to work at its best. By getting the right amount of sleep you can improve cognitive skills, memory and keep your gastrointestinal disorders in check. Routine is best too, so try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day – this is our favourite one of our top Australian health tips too!

What you can do: Here is your better sleep check list:  Ensure that your room is free from dark as possible.  Avoid using your phone or laptop for at least an hour before sleep. Scientists say that the white and blue light emitted by such devices hampers your brain functioning; it disrupts the release of melatonin which helps you to sleep so set your devices to the night-time setting or add a blue light filter.


top Australian health tips 3Tip 3: Stay Hydrated! It’s HOT!

Drinking plenty of water every day is greatly beneficial for your health and well-being. Water helps to flush out toxins, keeps your skin/hair healthy and beautiful and reduces feelings of dehydration, not to mention helping to prevent exhaustion and sun stroke.

What you can do: Try to carry a bottle of water and take small sips regularly. A squeeze of lime or lemon juice in the bottle will do wonders for your water intake too!

Extra top Australian health tips – When enjoying hot yoga, make sure you have a bottle of room temperature water on hand (don’t make it cold as that will be a bit much in the hot room!

Did you know that there is no real evidence behind the “8 glasses of water per day” recommendation? You should instead focus on drinking enough for you, and this differs for HEAPS of reasons. Make sure you have water nearby and just drink as your body tells you. 


top Australian health tips 4Tip 4: Include time to move!

Whether you decide to move yourself with some weight training, yoga or sports; the benefits of physical activities or exercise are way too numerous to list here. Working out increases lean body mass (your abs are underneath there somewhere) and accelerates fat burning. Working out also improves sleep, the health of your hair/ skin, your sex life and your overall health in general (both mental and physical).

What you can do: You don’t have to lift like a pro or do crunches if you don’t like to, instead get involved in your favourite Gold Coast sport like a game of soccer, netball or cricket or go for a half hour walk (or jog) on a daily basis (this helps to clear up the head too!).

An important note – Don’t forget to stretch unless you are already into yoga or Pilates! Stretching in the morning increases blood flow to the muscles and ensures an extra dose of oxygen. This will give you more flexibility and help you to do your physical activities more effectively.


top Australian health tips 5Tip 5: Relaaaaaaaaaax!

Relaxing the body and mind in preparation for a big celebration is just as important and relaxing after it’s all done. There are many ways to relax and unwind, so have a think about what you find relaxing. Is it meditation? What about Yin yoga? A swim? A walk only the beach at Currumbin or the Spit? Choose a few different options to help you (and the family) relax and do them regularly. Your body and mind will thank you.

What you can do: Try to learn something new every day by reading a good book, or watch a movie. Try to calm your senses by listening to soulful music. Talk to positive-minded people and surround yourself with your loved ones (like your family or your friends).

Another option is to try our new Serenity Chair for a super relaxing experience! At our Parkwood location you can use the Serenity Chair for a FREE trial (if it’s your first time) or for 30min and 60min intervals. Book in at the Front Desk or by calling 0755744111


top Australian health tips 6Tip 6: Increase your intake of antioxidants

A cup of green tea daily is good for your health. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that ensures better brain function and may lower the chances of cancer developing. It also clears your system by flushing out toxins and leaves you with an overall feeling of freshness and calmness.

What you can do: Ideally have your cup of green tea in the morning or at the end of the day (or both). But do take care not to exceed your daily recommended caffeine intake (not more than 2-3 cups), as too much caffeine can lead to sleep disorders, restlessness and stomach trouble in some people.

Also, instead of adding sugar (if you like it sweet), add honey or stevia to your cup of green tea.


top Australian health tips 7Tip 7: Include Fruits and Vegetables in your diet (more than you probably do)

According to the Queensland Health report on Dietary Guidelines from 2018 it is recommended that we consume 5-6 serves of fresh vegetables per day EVERYDAY. Vegetables are low in fat and contain important nutrients and micronutrients like calcium and manganese that are needed for the body to function properly. Fruits, like vegetables, are also a powerhouse of various minerals and Vitamins that help you to stay healthy however they often contain higher levels of fructose sugars which can be detrimental to some people, especially if diabetic or trying to lose weight.

What you can do: You can start by including a fruit like an apple or a peach in your breakfast platter. At least half the plate of your big meals (lunch and dinner) should consist of vegetables, so include dishes like vegetable based salads with dips or vegetable broths.



8 top Australian health tipsTip 8: Manage your alcohol consumption

Australia Day can often be a ready excuse to participate in large amounts of alcohol consumption. Clearly binge drinking can be quite bad for you, and we certainly recommend that you do not drink to the point of intoxication. If you do find yourself drinking more alcohol than is recommended it is very important both recognise that your judgement will be impaired, and take steps to limit the damage.

What you can do: We recommend getting plenty of water in before you start to consume any alcohol (see Tip 3), and also alternate one alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one. A glass of sparkling water with a couple lime wedges and ice is just great on a hot day. You can also get informed on everything else you need to know on the Queensland Health website


9 top Australian health tipsTip 9: Make time for your spine!

We may be stating the obvious here, but we love it when our spine moves well! Our chiropractors are very experienced in checking for spine related problems (often called Subluxations – don’t worry there won’t be a test) and then working with you to correct any movement problems, to help you get your spine back in the best possible shape for you.

This doesn’t have to be a big complicated thing either, we make it simple for you to find out what is going on, and straight forward to get going on a plan to fix the issues and get back to the lifestyle you deserve.

What you can do: Book a M.A.P. visit with us! What’s that? It stands for a Madison Assessment Protocol visit. This is where we sit down with you to listen to your health concerns, then test your current level of ‘healthstyle’ with our evidence based testing protocol. From there we can put together a Personal Wellness Plan in order to help you best.


10 top Australian health tipsTip 10: Massage part of the day away

A regular massage will help to remove some stress from your body. People who work at a desk every day or any kind of work that involves sitting in one place extended periods often suffer from back pain and stiffness. Stress can build up in various joints and that can cause discomfort. Regular massages can also ensure proper functioning of your joints and muscles.

What you can do: Obviously you can book a massage with us, but for another option to relax, you can take a bath with essential and nourishing oils such as lavender or rosemary. Lavender oil for example is claimed to help heal you internally, reduce pain, improve respiratory problems and also aid blood circulation.



11 top Australian health tipsTip 11: Herbs are superb

Many people know that cooking with herbs enhance the flavour of food, but did you know that they can contribute positive health benefit too? Many herbs are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial; in days of old monks and Indian sages were able to treat a number of health diseases with the help of herbs.

What you can do: Try to include herbs such as turmeric in your daily diet. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help your digestion, and reduce generalised inflammation in areas like your joints.

Top Australian health tips 11.5…. Did you know that taking a whiff of rosemary could improve your memory and your sense of alertness?




12 top Australian health tipsTip 12: Say no to Smoking

Where would our list of top Australian health tips be without this one? It is widely known and generally accepted now that a number of health problems could be solved if people could quit smoking. Smoking causes grave damage to your lungs causing COPD and/or pneumonia, increases the severity of asthma and can even lead to lung cancer. You don’t have to smoke much at all to dramatically increase the risk of these dire consequences.

What you can do: Should you face difficulty in completely quitting, try to limit your smoking to begin. Then take up activities that divert your attention from smoking such as running, meditation etc, and utilise resources available locally here in Queensland like these.



13 top Australian health tipsTip 13: Cut down on sugar and salt

According to the AIHW many of the diseases that plague Australians come from consuming too much sugar and salt per day. Research suggests that reducing salt (but not completely eradicating it) can help reduce the incidence of heart attack, kidney problems and even stroke. A high salt diet may lead to lower bone density/osteoporosis too (although that is still being debated) .

Too much sugar can lead to health problems like obesity, diabetes and even promote the growth of certain cancers.

What you can do: Try to monitor the amount of salt that is present in foods. Also, cut down on sugary drinks such as soft-drinks and packaged fruit juice. Have juice made from real fruits instead. You can also choose to add honey or stevia in your food instead of sugar.


14 top Australian health tipsTip 14: Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids lower the chances of heart disease, mental disorders and asthma. Omega 3 fatty acids also play a role in keeping your skin healthy as they regulate oil production and hydration of the skin.

What you can do: Include a few pieces of fish on the BBQ this Australia Day. Fish like mackerel, anchovies, herring, salmon, etc are great sources of Omega 3’s, but so is the Aussie favourite barramundi. Have these lightly cooked on the BBQ for maximum health benefits. You can also include foods like flaxseeds and chia seeds if you are a vegetarian.




15 top Australian health tipsTip 15: Fasting Helps Too!

This top Australian health tips is quite popular right now because intermittent fasting is another great way to ensure better health. Opt for an intermittent fast once in every 15 to 20 days – you could line this up for the day after Australia Day to help your body recover!

Fasting helps to enhance your hormone function which will in turn help you to lose weight faster. Did you know that fasting also helps to remove toxins from your body and cleanses the system?

What you can do: If you are a beginner look here for tips, don’t fast for more than 6-8 hours at a stretch to start. You can also sip on lime water or green tea to reduce food cravings during your fasts (see the tips above). Avoid too much activity during your fasting days.


Above all, have fun this Australia Day! Enjoy the celebrations and if you put these tips to work on all the other days of the year too. So just imagine how healthy and well you could be by the next Australia Day! If you need help you with any of these top Australian health tips just give us a call on 0755744111 to book a chat with our team!