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Hard Working Tradespeople

Hard Working Tradespeople

Hard WorkingTradespeople Look After Our Hardworking Tradespeople Being a tradie is hard work. The physically demanding job, odd hours and prolonged strain on the body all add up. It’s tough and no surprise that tradies and laborer’s account for the highest percentage of serious musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) claims and have the highest frequency rate, which …

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Tech Neck

What is Tech Neck?

What is Tech Neck? How Your Smartphone Impacts Your Posture When you think about smartphones and posture, “Tech Neck” may come to mind. The good news is that a few simple changes to your routine can help to reduce your risk of experiencing it. Believe it or not, many of us spend 3 hours or …

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world spine day 2021

World Spine Day 2021

World Spine Day 2021 On 16 October, we at Madison Healthstyle celebrate World Spine Day 2021 (an initiative organised by the World Federation of Chiropractic) to raise awareness about spinal disorders. The overarching mission? To help empower YOU to take charge of your spinal health. Did you know that at any given moment, an estimated …

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what is myotherapy gold coast

What is Myotherapy?

What is Myotherapy? When people on the Gold Coast are looking for solutions to muscle tension and pain, they often end up asking – What is Myotherapy? Musculoskeletal pain is often a result of muscle imbalance, joint misalignment, neural dysfunction or a combination of all three. This can occur due to acute injuries from direct …

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