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Shoulder Injuries - Chiropractor

Shoulder Injuries – Chiropractor

What Are Shoulder Injuries?

The shoulder is a very unique joint in the body. The shoulder (shoulder injuries – chiropractor) has the ability to move in lots of different ways and has a tremendous amount of motion. The greater degree of motion achieved by this joint helps with everyday tasks. Putting the clothes on the line that is above our heads, to scratching our back and more rigours tasks such as playing tennis. The compromise of having such a large range of motion means there is less stability in the shoulder.

There is a group of muscles that sit around the shoulder and they are called the rotator cuff muscles. These muscles help the shoulder to move and rotate. As we age these muscles can weaken. Lifting injuries can then result because the rotator cuff doesn’t have the strength to perform the task. This injury might cause pain somewhere around the shoulder which prevents you from doing everyday tasks.

Common to this problem is reduced movement of the shoulder. Chiropractic helps to restore movement in the affected arm, which helps to speed up the recovery time. Gentle stretching and massage may be required to help with blood flow. Natural topical anti-inflammatory creams such as arnica gel helps to reduce joint inflammation and may be recommended.

If you have any questions about the treatment of shoulder injuries please contact one of our team members here at Madison HealthStyle. Alternatively, if you would like to find more information about exercise safety please visit https://www.physicalactivityaustralia.org.au/exercise-safety/ Shoulder Injuries – Chiropractor

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