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Chiropractic, the solution to back and neck pain

Chiropractic care, could be your solution to back and neck pain

Everyone could benefit from a checkup of their spine.

You brush your teeth every day. You realise that eating healthy is important. You exercise every day. And what do you do to keep your spine healthy?

Chiropractic, is a world-wide healthcare profession dedicated to the well-being of the spine. If you suffer from back and neck pain, it is an alarm signal sent by your spine. Take care of it, it is the key to your health.

Our team of Gold Coast Chiropractors in Coolangatta, Parkwood and Robina are here to help you! Here’s how:


Low back pain, 1 in every 6 Australians each year – that’s 4 million people! Many times it occurs without particular circumstances to bring it on. A chiropractor can assess you to determine the cause of your pain, and then work with you to create a treatment plan best suited to you and your specific needs.


It is the result of irritation of the sciatic nerve and usually manifests with pain in the leg. The chiropractic adjustment can help improve movement in the spine and pelvis, which can reduce inflammation around the nerve, helping to have an optimal recovery.


Often disc herniations, bulges or ‘slipped discs’ can present as extreme back or leg pain, pins and needles and even numbness. With proper testing and assessment, your chiropractor can be a crucial part of the team to get you healing and recovering. It is important to know that disc injuries are complex and require time and the right care to heal in the best way possible. Talk to our Wellness Director or Chiro Team today to find out more.


Migraines, and headaches can arise because the neck is strained, misaligned or your posture is bad. Our chiropractors assess your neck thoroughly to determine the best course of care for you, and work with you on a plan to deal with the underlying cause of your headaches or migraines. Not every headache is only from the neck though, so it is important to look at other causes too. Talk to our Wellness Director or Chiro Team today to find out more.


Sometimes called ‘Cervicalgia’ can be the result of bad postural habits, a blow or accident. Chiropractors are one of the few professions who are university Trained to correct neck mis-alignments with a non-invasive technique called an ‘adjustment’. Chiropractic adjustments often help where other options don’t.


Brachialgia, tendinitis, paresthesis, tingling … Many are the ailments caused by problems in the movement and function of the neck. Chiropractors often call these areas ‘vertebral subluxations’ – this is not the same as a medical subluxation, and should not be treated the same. Chiropractic care can often help people just like you who are suffering with referred pain in the shoulder, arm or hand. Talk to our Wellness Director or Chiro Team today to find out more.


Vertigo can be caused by many different issues. Put very basically, the brain requires three seperate pieces of information to be received simultaneously and continuously in order for you to be balanced. This information comes from your sensory system in the form of input from your ears (semi-circular canals), eyes and body (via proprioception). Chiropractic care could be helpful to people with vertigo if the cause is related to issues in the neck and spine. Techniques like Epley’s manoeuvre can also be helpful, and this is something that many of our chiro team can do too. Ask your local Madison Healthstyle location if the chiro team can help with your vertigo

While we have listed a series of problems above like a shopping list, we also want to point out that Chiropractic care is not necessarily a treatment for all these things. Chiropractic is NOT right for everyone. The best way to know if chiropractic care could be helpful for you is to have an assessment with our Wellness Directors. They can help you with any questions you may have, and you can meet a member of the chiro team at that visit too.

If we can help you with chiropractic care, we will tell you how, and work out a plan specific to you and your concerns. If a targeted remedial massage would be better for you then we can help you there too. Crucially though, if we can’t help you, or you would be better off with another health practitioner, we will tell you that too.

Our goal is to help you get the results you expect, even if that isn’t with us.

With that said, we would love the chance to help you get the lifestyle you deserve – give us a call or you can book online HERE.