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Unlimited Pilates, Yoga and Hot Yoga for just $30** a week!

Our Pilates Team brings you the very best Mat based Pilates classes in our amazing Movement Studio right here on the Gold Coast.

Choose from multiple class times per week!

Challenge yourself with our PowerPilates, or get into Pilates the best way with Pilates Warm – same great burn, just a little less heat and a little less intense.

Bring your friends for a great group Pilates experience.

Pricing options available to suit most people – click/tap the name to purchase:

Other options are available – ask at the studio
*available to first time users of Madison Healthstyle Parkwood Studio only

** Direct Debit only. No lock-in contract. No joining fee, no big break fees, just 2 weeks notice to cancel – super simple!

Yoga, Hot Yoga & Pilates Timetable

Are You Also Interested In Yoga? We Also Offer:

Modern Bikram practice that moves safely but swiftly through 26 traditional postures and 2 breathing exercises- with juicy heat to detox your system and pace to challenge your fitness. Music, surprise double sets and modified sequences to keep your mind and practice fresh! Suitable for all levels, no experience needed. TIP: Starting with the regular Transform class first!

We’ve turned up the tunes, added a little heat and created a full-body Pilates super-class! Commence with stretches to shift your energy, then a safe but strong total body blitz to sculpt the abs, butt, thighs – the usual suspects! Pilates builds strength, improves stability, balance, endurance, coordination, mobility and more – it really is Powerful! Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

Same great postures as Power Pilates, but with a bit less intensity, and little less heat – same great burn! Pilates builds strength, improves stability, balance, endurance, coordination, mobility and more! Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

Dive in and get your sweat on with our most challenging Vinyasa flow class: fun, music-driven movement, strong breathwork and juicy heat to put the Woah in your Warrior! Dynamic and energising, this class is a huge fav with all our members! Suitable for all levels, no experience needed. TIP: Perhaps try the Glow class or Rise&Shine class first!

Fill your cup with indulgent practice to revive all your senses, reset your nervous system and create much needed space in your body. The class begins warm, the flow is easy and harmonising, and concludes with deep restorative practice, enhanced with essential oil aromatherapy. Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

A fusion of traditional hatha postures, with a focus on power, strength and a calm mind. Work hard through standing sequences, then seal the practice with balancing yin postures, perhaps a relaxing meditation. Suitable for all levels. TIP: Honour your body & experience level always, and use the teachers’ modifications if you are new to hot yoga!

Experience the subtle art of letting go in this non-heated, floor-based Yin class. Suitable for all levels, expect only 5-10 postures per class, with longer hold times creating opportunities for meditation, gentle decompression of the joints and emotional release. Class uses ambient heat and focuses on balancing the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

Honour your body back to balanced mobility and wellness with this ‘roll & release’ class. Using gravity, blocks, straps, and balls our experienced teacher will guide your body through slow postures to release joint and muscle tension, realign joints and release fascia tightness. Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

In this fun class we use flowing Vinyasa movement to create ‘tapas’ – ‘belly warmth’ to move energy through our bodies. Experience vitality, learn new poses and balances, have a laugh, and enjoy tunes from India, Asia and beyond. Your teacher closes this beautiful practice with a oneness Deeksha ‘transfer of divine grace’ or some Reiki to truly leave you glowing. Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

The perfect combo class when you need an ‘all-in-one’ wellness workout! We start on floor, awaking the spine and energy centres of the body, then drive through the first part of the class with traditional Vinyasa flow movement, creating ‘agni fire’- natural body warmth through movement. Hit the floor to yin out & de-stress. Balanced flow & yin practice? Done! Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

Rise like the sun with our signature morning flow class. From gentle floor stretches we raise energy from the lower chakras and draw warmth into the core of the body. Move through dynamic flow and balances before hitting the floor for strengthening work. We close our practise with traditional skull-shining breath to embark on the day with clarity and zest. Suitable for all levels, no experience needed.

Our silent Bikram class- nothing but you, the mirror, minimal cueing and ambient acoustics like gongs or singling bowls. Bikram is a set of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises designed to unlock your joints, release and strengthen your spine, and improve mobility. With the sound down and the heat up, your practice becomes moving meditation. Suitable for clients who have completed 5-10 Transform 26 classes.

  • Ambient Heat = room is warmed if needed, then heat turned off before class.
  • Warm = gentle heat used during the class to aid movement.
  • Hot= medium to strong heat to gain fitness, detox & achieve a great workout.
  • Hot+ = strong heat to maximize results: detoxification, fitness, mental clarity & emotional release.ot


Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life. This includes you. Many people visit us with some of the following issues:

  • Headaches/ Migraines/ TMJ pain
  • Low back, mid back and neck pain
  • Arthritis and pain related to movement
  • Sciatica/ leg pain and arm pain
  • Numbness/ tingling/ referred pain
  • Tension/ nerve pain
  • Old injuries and chronic problems
Find out how we can help today!

We offer a range variety of massage therapies suited to your particular needs including remedial massage, relaxation massage, trigger point, dry needling, cupping between others.

Compression Therapy is the process of applying gentle compress and release motion to limbs to decrease inflammation, boost circulation and relieve pain through increased blood flow. 

Yoga classes are held at our Parkwood location and offer four types of Yoga:

  1. Hot yoga
  2. Stretch Classes
  3. Silent Yoga
  4. Mobility Classes.

We specialise in a variety of mat group classes that offers affordable, safe and fun classes for all fitness levels.

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Testing
  • Detox Program

Parkwood is the place for Yoga & Pilates


Yoga and Pliates classes run from 6am to 7pm depending on the day and we are open 7 days a week! Some changes occur due to Public Holidays, Local Holidays and other reasons, so please check the timetable above for up-to-the-minute class times.