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snoring solutions
snoring solutions

Snoring solutions are a very common thing we are asked about. Obviously, people are ‘asking for a friend’…

Sleep is an essential component of your life, and it is needed to survive, just as food and water are. You need use about a third of your time doing it.

Snoring is one of the problems that could affect your sleeping pattern.

So, how does snoring disturb your sleeping daily routine, and what can you do about it?

Snoring is a heavy sound that appears with breathing cycles during sleep, which is caused by vibration in the upper airways from the nose to the back of the throat. It can cause a partial obstruction of breathing in the air-ways during sleep too.

Snoring is more common among obese people and could lead to obstructive sleep apnoea.

What is causing snoring problems?

So, some factors, which could make snoring worse are:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Old age (there is a correlation here)
  • Sleeping on the back
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Neck problems (stiffness and thickness of neck size)
  • Use of sleeping and sedating drugs
  • Regularly using decongestion medication for Hay fever sufferers
  • Other conditions related to upper airway

In general, snoring is a benign problem, however if this issue become serious, prolonged, severe and associated with regulated periods of no breathing (usually longer than 10 seconds) then it is advisable to have it assessed in a special sleep clinic, in which could indicate obstructive sleep apnoea.

What can I do about snoring?

Some suggested measures that you should take to treat or to stop your snoring are:

You should rule out any physical problems causing your snoring such as, obstruction in the back of the nose and obstructive sleep apnoea. A Gold Coast sleep clinic could help you with that.

Once all the above-mentioned physical causes ruled out, then the following measures can be tried:

  • Obtain and maintain to ideal weight. Easier written than done of course, but ask our Wellness Director for some advice on resources to use in this area.
  • Avoid drugs (including sedatives and sleeping tablets), and alcohol in excess.
  • Treat Nasal congestion but avoid overuse of nasal decongestion.
  • For neck problems: try to sleep in the best position possible for you – check out this article for more on that – Ask our Chiro team if chiropractic care is right for you.

Some people may be helped with special machines that deliver continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) through a face mask – ask your GP or your local sleep centre about these, or check out our article on this HERE.

If you are suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation because of your partner’s snoring, then hopefully they can get some benefit from this article too. Getting a good night’s sleep is a benefit for everyone, so we hope these snoring solutions can help create peace and quiet at night for years to come.

Happy sleeping!