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Chiropractor Open During the Christmas Holidays!

Gold Coast Chiropractor open during the Christmas Holidays!

But why do we say ‘holiday season’ instead of Christmas? 

After all we are in Australia, and Christmas is AWESOME!

Have you heard of Kwanzaa? What about Bodhi Day? Or Pancha Ganapati?

These are just a handful of the other holiday celebrations that occur at this time of year. 

In reality there are quite a number of other ‘holidays’ celebrated in this time at the end of the year, and the start of next year. PLUS it is school holidays around Australia too!

So if you are celebrating on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, or any other day, please remember to take care, look after yourself and have a ‘Happy Holidays!’ – but….. if something goes wrong, we are here to help you in three handy locations listed below. 
Lifeforce Chiropractic is now part of the Madison Healthstyle Group! 

We are open, and ready to help you this holiday season. Are you here in Coolangatta on holidays? No problem – give us a call!

Call us on 07 5599 4155 to book your visit these holidays!

Same day appointments available, HICAPs claiming onsite, easy access. Book online HERE

Parkwood Chiropractor and Massage Therapy open during the Christmas holidays!

Perfectly positioned at Parkwood Village just off Napper Road, and open when you need us these Christmas Holidays! 

You can call us on 0755744111 to book a visit – same day appointments, after hours appointments, house calls available too! You can book online HERE

Madison Healthstyle is your Robina Chiropractor that is open this Christmas!

Need help while you are on holidays? Had a ‘hold my drink and watch this’ moment?

We are here to help you get the most out of the holidays with same day appointments, HICAP’s claiming onsite, and full onsite x-ray services – call 0756891477 or book online HERE