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Chiropractic Advice: Wrap Christmas presents without hurting your back

How to wrap Christmas presents without hurting your back

Here is some Chiropractic Advice on how to wrap presents over Christmas without hurting your back

This Christmas time we want to look after you, so that you can look after your back while you’re wrapping Christmas presents.

One of the most common things that we see coming into Christmas. People oftern say that they’ve hurt their back because they have been wrapping Christmas presents for hours.

Obviously if you’re wrapping presents on the floor or down on the bed, it’s not very good for your back. Your spinal posture is not very good when you’re doing that.

Here are some handy tips for you this Christmas time:

Grab your ironing board, as can set it up in the your bedroom so that’s it’s away from where the kids are. If you don’t have an ironing board you can get one here.

The kitchen bench is great, but when the kids are around, it’s very open. So this gives you the chance to able to sneak off into the bedroom. Then wrap some Christmas presents in secret at the right height for you.

Most ironing boards are adjustable, there’s going be a lever underneath where you can put or it up or down.

Move your feet apart to get to the right height. You want to be working at about waist height or higher. 

If your ironing board has a piece that slides out on the end, you can put a book down there and you put your sticky tape. Then use your scissors and even rest the roll of wrapping paper roll there to simply pull the paper across and wrap the Christmas presents super easily. 

Remember to set the board at a good heigh so that you’re not going to be bending over and end up hurting your back while you’re doing all that.

Lastly, some quick tips when you’re standing:

  • Stand up nice and straight.
  • If you turn your toes in just a little bit, it locks your legs in so you’re standing up nice and straight too.
  • Make sure the board is at waist height or higher.
  • And make sure that you’re taking regular breaks. So, move around, take a sit down for a moment and make sure that you take some stress off of your spine.
  • Above all, watch for any sharp pains or aches that might  cause a problem later on.

If you have questions you’re more than welcome to ask us. This is going be your best setup for wrapping Christmas presents without causing yourself any low back pain this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from teh whole Madison Healthstyle Team!