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Massage Therapy for Chronic Stiff Neck

Massage Therapy for Chronic Stiff Neck

Massage Therapy for Chronic Stiff Neck

To start with, Massage therapy commonly involves using the hands to manipulate soft tissues, such as the muscles and tendons. To increase blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote feelings of improved wellbeing. For people who have chronic neck pain and stiffness, it is common to seek massage therapy. From a massage therapist, physical therapist, or other qualified health professional.

How Massage Therapy Is Applied for Chronic Neck Pain

There are numerous types of massage, with variations in techniques, strokes, and pressure applied by the hands and other methods. Also where only the neck is symptomatic. The massage is typically applied to the neck, shoulders, and back, because these regions are all connected.

Two of the more common types of massage to address neck pain include:

Swedish massage is the most common type in Western culture. It focuses on long, steady strokes. For example these are typically performed in the direction of blood flow to the heart. Furthemore kneading and friction motions may also be included. One of the main goals of Swedish massage is to promote relaxation throughout the entire body.

Deep tissue massage typically uses deeper strokes and friction to work on deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues. Moreover, as connective tissue massage, there are a wide variety of definitions for deep tissue massage. Also depending on the therapist’s techniques and philosophies. For instance compared to Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage commonly focuses more on an area of chronic pain.

Numerous other types of massage and variations also exist. For example, some massage therapists use special oils or other scents for aromatherapy. These are some cases might enhance the relaxation or enjoyment.