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Great job Cameron! A quick update on Cameron's Beard

great job cameron

The BIG DAY was last week and from all of us here at Madison Healthstyle -- Great Job Cameron!

The whole Adelaide Snaffle team gathered around. Cam was silently nervous as Jason grabbed the clippers.

That magnificent beard was about to disappear! Staff dressed in their Snaffle gear cheered Jason on as he proceeded to shave Cam’s beard first into a Chopper Read style and then finally took the whole thing off!

Round of Applause for Cameron! Years of perfecting that beard all gone to help the children of Argentina gain access to water! Well done Cam 🙂

We are happy to announce Cameron and the Snaffle Team raised a WHOPPING $6247! Thank you to everyone who donated or shared this GoFundMe page we really appreciate your support. 

Here are some photos to see what a great job Cameron and the Snaffle team did. 

Watch the pre-shave interview here!

Watch the big shave happen here:

A message from Michelle Adey (Snaffle Team):

‘Cameron and I had a call with Friar Martin on Thursday and Alex Rodriquez translated. Friar Martin told us of how much things have changed since he started the mission over in Salta. 

His goal is to provide nutrition, water and education to the families in the communities he works in. When Martin arrived in Salta, ten children used to die each year from malnutrition alone. That number has now decreased to one and that is usually caused by an accident not malnutrition. He and his 500 volunteers feed over 3000 children every day across three communities.

They are also  have a program where a few lucky children will get the opportunity to gain further education by going to the city to study at University. It costs a lot of money but they have vowed to make these kids dreams of a better future come true. 

He is very grateful to all of us for our generous donations. No matter how small every little bit helps.  

Thank you

If you would still like to make a donation you can do so here:

GoFundMe-  https://gofund.me/7748dd91

You can read more about this and other Snaffle initiatives by checking our the blog of Hannah Hokarari -- Social Ambassador for Snaffle. Click here to follow her on Instagram for more fascinating stories.