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Health Benefits of a Cold Shower

The beach can change our brains

Would you believe me if I said, ‘a cold shower a day keeps the doctor away’? Scepticism is advised and encouraged here of course, as we cannot expect anyone to believe that the benefits of a cold shower are so great if they have not experienced it for themselves. So I invite you to keep reading with an open and curious mind 😉

Chances are you are thinking this sounds crazy, as we have been primordially conditioned to fear the cold; making fire, huddling in caves, and nowadays layering up with clothes to combat it. However, in more recent times the science behind cold water benefits is surfacing, and revealing its extraordinary impact on our vascular system, also known as our circulatory system.


More benefits of a cold shower

This intricate system delivers blood throughout the body, and with it, all the nutrients, oxygen, and vitamins our bodies need to thrive. There are approximately 100,000 km of veins, arteries, and capillaries in each of us (wow!), containing millions of little muscles that contract and open the vascular channels in reaction to the weather. It is a delicate system designed to protect us from the cold and heat, and maintain our core body temperature at 37 degrees C.

more benefits of a cold shower

The wearing of clothes, however, has de-stimulated our vascular system, meaning the little muscles are no longer required to contract and expand, which puts undue stress on our heart on a chronic basis. Hence, being one of the primary reasons along with diet and exercise, why cardiovascular related diseases are the number one killer in our society today.

Cardiovascular benefits of a cold shower:

So how do you re stimulate and exercise your vascular system to reduce this pressure on your heart? Yes, you are right… The answer lies within the cold shower. Within ten days of taking these showers you will notice that your heart rate decreases, as your vascular system is exercised and adapted, which simply translates to a lot less stress in your body.

The cold is also a stressor, so if you can get into the cold and control your bodies response to it, you will be able to control stress in any form. Whether it be heat, emotion, work, frustration in traffic, relationships and so on. You have an innate capacity to deal with stress, and the cold shower will help reveal this superpower within you.         

You are having a shower anyway, right?! So, all you have to do is finish cold 😊 Steps include:

  • Enjoy your warm/hot shower
  • Finish cold for ten seconds day one
  • Use your breath to keep count and focus on extending your exhalation
  • Increase by ten seconds per day, as you feel comfortable to do so
  • Smile and high five yourself after each cold shower finish

I have personally experienced the benefits of a cold shower for nearly twenty years and continue to love and learn so much about the cold and its teachings. Not only is it an exhilarating start to the day, but you also reduce your stress level, you feel more energised, the increased blood flow delivers better nutrients to your cells, reducing your vulnerability to sickness, and leaving you feeling stronger! I look forward to hearing of your experiences, thoughts, or questions as you journey into the cold and reveal your hidden potential.

Hannah Hokarari                                                                           

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Reference: The Wim Hof Method – Activate Your Full Human Potential (book)

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