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Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

happy birthday chiropractic

Every year on the 18th of September we say Happy Birthday Chiropractic! 

It was on that day in 1895 that Daniel David Palmer gave the first ‘chiropractic adjustment’. The recipient was a man by the name of Harvey Lillard, and it is reported that the adjustment improved his hearing that had been profoundly affected many years earlier in some type of accident. 

The reason we put ‘chiropractic adjustment’ in brackets is that compared to the work done by Dr Palmer back in 1895, today’s chiropractic adjustments are quite different to what was reported to have taken place then. 

In fact today’s chiropractic education and quality of care in Australia is among the very best available in the world! 

dd palmer chiropractor
An artists impression of D.D Palmer adjusting in his Davenport, Iowa office circa 1900

Today’s chiropractor completes a minimum of 5 years tertiary education. This usually means a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree (or equivalent) is needed to register in Australia as a Chiropractor. 

We have some wonderful chiropractic schools in Australia including CQUni in Brisbane and Mackay QLD, and the Australian Chiropractic College in Adelaide. So if you are thinking of studying chiropractic, firstly – we highly recommend it, and secondly you should visit those websites for more information.

Students regularly complete work placements in our Gold Coast practices, and we are very happy to help support the next generation of chiropractors in their studies.

You can help say Happy Birthday Chiropractic! By telling a friend or family member about your chiropractic experience, or helping them find their way to getting their spine checked by a chiropractor. If your friend or family member is on the Gold Coast (or can get to us from elsewhere) – we would love to help them.

A lot has changed since that first day of chiropractic so long ago – but many things have remained the same, including the many wonderful stories we hear about our client’s results when receiving chiropractic care. 

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So once again in 2021 – Happy Birthday Chiropractic!