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Our Founder's Story

Our Founder

Our Founder’s Story – From the desk of Sharon Richardson

Whether you feel healthy or otherwise, don’t take your well-being for granted!

So how did I end up here?

Like many of you, I waited until I was broken down, like a car on the side of the motorway before attending to the signs of future problems.

This is not the usual type of massage where a healthy person tells you what you should be doing, I come from the same place as many of you.
I was once on the never-ending treadmill to find relief from ignored ongoing back conditions and old injuries which caused permanent body imbalance. This resulted in a very real possibility of permanent incapacity and a life of pain.

I spent more than 20 years endlessly searching for pain relief, I traveled miles, tried everything, from back streets to high streets trying to find a solution.

My life centred around how to avoid giving myself further pain.

As years went by my ability to manage anything, even making a simple sandwich was torture as by that time I was only able to stand without pain for 5 minutes per day. I was also not even able to cut my own toenails!

As we all know the list just gets longer not shorter.

I started to bring together a team of practitioners that were helpful to me. I started to notice that my life was not centred around pain anymore.


Turn everything upside down!!!!!

I eventually came up with Madison Healthstyle as a way to get my Chiropractic, Remedial Massage, Myofascial Therapy, and Circulation Therapies all under one roof, in one place, or in this case under 4 roofs so far….

Having these allied, co-aligned therapies available under one roof is such a relief as I only need to make one visit to one place to see all the people I need.

I have worked with a wonderful team to create our unique Madison Assessment Program (MAP) system. That is a new way to look at each individual to assess your problems in an evidence-based way to determine the best course of action. Treatment is then tailored to your unique needs with our multi-disciplined professional practitioners available to help you.

We do not just treat you like a number and move on.

Madison Healthstyle is also able to treat you at a different clinic than your usual if needed. Our network allows you to travel between clinics without a hiccup as the practitioners can access your treatment plan and progress to date. Of course, all records are treated within the rules and regulations that privacy laws require.
Just think, when Madison Healthstyle reaches its full potential you could go on holiday from your home on the Gold Coast for a month holiday in Perth and still keep up your schedule of care with certainty.

At Madison Healthstyle we know you should have a “backup” Chiropractor, Remedial Massage therapist, or another practitioner too. So that when they go on holidays you will be looked after in the same way, by another one of our caring team. This helps you calm any nerves of the ‘unknown person’ working with you.

My life experience means I really do know all about the client’s side of the table. I am definitely not a chiropractor or massage expert and I do not have any medical qualifications. My vision is only in the beginning stages for how we can put clients like you and I first to get the right outcomes in our health.

As I have said I am putting together people who have skills and qualifications that WE ALL NEED.

In my life, I have found that I benefit more when therapies are used together. It is when my team works collaboratively that we really shine!

A targeted remedial massage with or without dry needling, (no this is not acupuncture) is a great way to get ready for a chiropractic adjustment. When you have a plan for working with the muscles, as well as the function of the spine, this is obviously more comprehensive!

The local communities where we have our locations are diverse and unique. We look after those diverse members of the community, every day. From tradespeople with a sore back to teenagers with sporting injuries to a grandma with aches and pains all over from a life of hard work, families, kids, and all ages. Everyone can benefit from having a team of healthcare professionals ready to help and close by.

So if you are like I was, and you are looking for a great team to be there for you when you need help, give your local Madison Healthstyle location a call.

We would love to help you ‘live the lifestyle you deserve’.

Sharon Richardson
Founder and CEO Madison Healthstyle

13/76-122 Napper Road, Parkwood, QLD, 4214

Part of ‘The Club’ at Parkwood Village precinct. Best parking in the lower carpark – follow the ‘P’ signs, then come up the stairs.

8 /100 Cheltenham Dr, Robina, QLD, 4226

FREE parking available and a Bus Stop is nearby – disabled spot right at the door

15/118-122 Griffith St, Coolangatta, QLD, 4225

Under the Beachcomber Resort – best access is from Chalk St