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Lower Back injuries over Christmas

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Do you have lower pain injuries? 


Dr Chris Scott (Chiro) talks about some of the accidents and injuries that can befall us over the holiday period, and what to do. It is importance to keep your lower and back free of pains.

For instance, Christmas can be time where we relax an unwind. A futher survey of 1006 Australians from all states and territories, found a quarter reported spending between $200 and $1000 on alcohol during the December and January period.

So… if you hear a friend (or even yourself) saying “Hold my drink and watch this!” please remember the following.

Because alcohol can affect our balance and coordination when performing an activity. When we close our eyes, or if we are under the influence of alcohol our body can sway (in technical terms there is a bigger distribution of centre of pressure). This affects our balance and ability to perform an activity. This may increase our risk of injury.

Therefore, a NSW Ambulance Duty Manager that is it very common to see people over the Christmas new year period hurt themselves because they were doing activities such as biking, surfing, swimming or trampolining while under the influence of alcohol.

Causes of injuries

Some of the most common injuries we see am Madison Healthstyle Parkwood, Robina and Coolangatta include:
• Low back pain
• Neck pain and restricted movements
• Hamstring strains
• Ankle sprains.
• Knee injuries
• Shoulder injuries.

Always remember, drink responsibly and use your best judgement (or someone else’s best judgement if you really need to).

If you hurt yourself over the Christmas New Year period please give us a call 0755744111 – We will be here across the holiday period, to check you over, and get you back on your feet. What you do from there is of course up to you.