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Headaches – Chiropractic Care

Headaches – Chiropractic Care

Many people have a headache, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Studies have shown that chiropractic care has helped many people reduce the intensity, duration and frequency of headaches.

Chiropractic can help you with the headache since:

  • Work with the cause of the problem
  • Improve your physical and mental performance
  • Help to recover your welfare state
  • The need to resort to drugs decreases

What type of headache can relieve chiropractic care?

Headache, migraine, headache

Most headaches originate in the neck

Having headaches should not be commonplace and if it happens monthly or more often you have to take tests to find out the cause.

Benefits of chiropractic for headache and migraine

  • It helps decrease the frequency and severity
  • Decreases the general effects of stress on the nervous system
  • Natural way to help the body function optimally

What symptoms appear with headache and migraine?

Headaches or migraines – Headaches – Chiropractic Care

They are usually of low intensity, occur frequently and pains usually manifest on both sides of the head creating a feeling of numbness and compression

Migraine. Sudden severe headache, may be accompanied by visual discomfort, such as sensitivity to light, this can cause vomiting.

Stress. The causes for which we can get a headache can be due to: emotional stress (nerves and anxiety), physical stress (whiplash) or chemical stress (hormonal, alcohol, diet and environmental factors).

What will a chiropractor do to help you?

  • Complete examination of the cervical area.
  • Precise adjustments to eliminate pressure on pinched nerves.
  • Positioning of the vertebrae of the cervical area, spine and muscles.
  • Specific chiropractic sessions to reinforce the affected area.
Dizziness, Vertigo

Dizziness is a term that is often used to describe two different symptoms, if the sensation is fainting you suffer from dizziness but when the perception is of turning when you are actually still and the whole environment moves then we are talking about vertigo.


Due to the sensation of movement or rotation, many patients also have a feeling of nausea and may experience dizziness and balance problems.

Benefits of chiropractic for dizziness and dizziness:
  • It increases the general function of the body, decreasing the severity and frequency.
  • Improves the mobility of the cervical spine and muscles.
  • It helps determine specific causes.
What symptoms appear with dizziness and dizziness?
  • Decreased blood pressure (not enough blood reaches the brain), dehydration or getting up too fast.
  • Type of vertigo that is due to a viral infection in the inner ear that usually occurs after a cold or flu. Viral infection in the inner ear.
  • Postural vertigo. After a head / neck trauma (whiplash), this type of vertigo is caused by small calcium particles (crystals) that form inside the ear and destabilize our balance.