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QLD Border Closure Information

Published: 2nd April 2020 – The Queensland government has announced that Queensland border restrictions will be tightened across the state from Friday 3rd April 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Only Queensland residents or those considered exempt from the restrictions will be able to enter Queensland from 12.01am Friday 3rd April 2020.

In addition to current border checkpoints, additional barriers will be erected in the streets of Coolangatta (most likely Griffith St) to further enforce border controls. Queensland Police Commissioner Carroll has indicated that penalties may apply to any non-Queensland resident without exemption who enters the state.

An exemption is in place for border communities for interstate travel to work, study, obtain essential goods and services, or to attend healthcare services or other essential services.

Your care with us is considered an Essential Healthcare service, and you are allowed to leave your house, AND cross the border to attend. 

A full list of other exemptions can be accessed HERE.

Please note that anyone with an exemption must have an entry pass prior to crossing the border. If you don’t have a border pass, you will be turned around and unable to enter Queensland.

It is recommended that if you live in NSW need to attend healthcare appointments in QLD that you ensure you obtain an entry pass.

CLICK HERE to apply for an entry pass

To view the full advice on Queensland Border Restrictions, including information about inter-state travel and self-quarantine CLICK HERE

As always, we are OPEN, PREPARED and READY to serve our local community.