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The damaging effects of stress on the body

The damaging effects of stress on the body

The damaging effects of stress on the body


Stress is not a pleasant term that everybody would like to talk about on a daily basis. Because it a subjective state/ phenomenon, that resist our daily activities. Therefore, Stress is a term used to describe a feeling that everyone has when he/she is overloaded. Also having trouble to deal with the increasing demands of life. So, stress is a result of the external and internal environmental factors that stimulates and raised our biological response.

Stress has some positive and negative outcomes on our health. It can damage many systems in our body silently over period of time. Stress symptoms can affect our body, our thoughts and your behaviour. Depend on the type, timing and severity of the stimulating factors, the impact of stress varies on the human body. From alteration in homeostasis, to life threatening effects and death. That means, the more a person would face/ or work in stressful life style the more negative effect and more exposed to many disorders


In a review study about the impact of stress on body function: Concluded that the effect of stress a\has positive and negative outcomes. Positive outcome from preserving of cells and species, but the negative effects of stress received more attention, because the bad influence of stress on the human body due to the stress role on various medical conditions. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5579396/) .

For example, the effect of stress on the nervous system, shows It could lead to some degenerative \changes with \in the brain, can lead to atrophy and decrease its weight. Also, the memory would be affected, and reflect on difficulty learning.

The effect of stress on the immune system can lead to growth of malignant cells and tumour expansion by suppressing the activity of lymphocytes and natural killer cells.


So, how to manage stress?

Anyone have or would feel that may have some stress, should take a step to manage his stress and that can have many health benefits.  Should seek help or develop a program that could withdrawal him / her from routine stressful lifestyle such as:

Organise a regular physical activity (daily walking)

Learn meditational techniques

Avoid loneliness,

Avoid smoking, and alcohol or strictly maintain within drinking standard.

The damaging effects of stress on the body

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