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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain – Chiropractor

Shoulder pain – Chiropractor

The neck and shoulder area are vulnerable and sensitive parts of our spine. Shoulder pain – Chiropractor

Shoulder pain is usually caused by an incorrect position of the shoulder that puts pressure on the nerves and tendons of the rotator cuff causing them to become inflamed and even injured. Many of these problems come from a bad shoulder position, which clamps and wears the tendons, muscles and nerves of the shoulder. The proper functioning of the nerves increases the strength and stability of the joint.

Benefits of chiropractic for pain

– Recovers the correct position and reduces shoulder wear

– Increases mobility and flexibility of the shoulder

– Decrease chronic pain

Shoulder pain and chiropractic

What are the causes of pain?

– Incorrect position

– Tendonitis

– Pressure, inflammation or injury of the nerves and tendons in the area

– Bursitis

– Inflammation of the fluid bag inside the joints reducing mobility of the shoulder.

– arthritis

– Swelling in the shoulder joints

– Frozen shoulder syndrome

– Stiffness of the tendons, muscles and ligaments of the shoulder that cause pain when performing movements.

– Shoulder dislocation or fracture

What will a chiropractor do to help you?

– Examination and recognition of the cervical area.

– Specific chiropractic sessions to strengthen the cervical area.

– Make precise adjustments to eliminate the pressure of the pinched nerves, position the vertebrae correctly and thus improve the mobility of the cervical area and the spine.

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